Argentium - the finest silver!

When I was introduced to "Argentium" a few years ago, I was immediately fascinated!

What is so different about Argentium compared to silver?

  • tarnish resistant
  • weldable
  • hypoallergenic
  • no firescal
  • hardened at 275°C
  • environmentally friendly
  • recycled silver

Argentium Silver was invented in the 1990s by Peter Johns, in association with Middlesex University. Peter discovered how small additions of the element germanium could impart a range of wonderful physical and working properties to silver alloys.

Argentium has a firescale-free surface that doesn’t require plating. It can be easily welded and fused to itself and other precious metals. It has strength and durability and can be hardened by heat treatment at 275° to 300°C. Argentium has excellent tarnish resistance, is hypoallergenic and responsibly made from recycled silver.

This contemporary precious metal offers a modern and fun approach to silversmithing and jewellery making.

Argentium has different properties than traditional silver and requires a different processing method, which should be known and learned. The real advantages are only revealed with the appropriate handling of this material, even and especially for experienced goldsmiths.

In 2018, I become an official "Argentium Instructor" trained by Ronda Coryell. Since then, I have been teaching Argentium courses in Germany and Europe as an instructor. I am happy to inspire goldsmiths and hobbyists for this fantastic material.

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